Homemade Rat Poison Antifreeze


There are many ways and measures to kill rats or get rid of them. But they are still less than the number of rats that can approach your house and make it difficult for you to bear them. Sometimes you may use the mouse traps to catch them, sometimes the rat killing poisons you bought from the market or the other time when you are not having any two earlier mentioned products, you will go with the homemade remedies to kill the rats. These homemade remedies are less costly and don't require going to the markets in search of any rat killing poisons or other products. Some of these homemade remedies result out to be very effective as they help you get rid of the irritating and unnecessary presence of mice and rats in your house. But some of these remedies turn out to be just a waste of time. Here we will discuss one of the effective remedies that can kill the rat effectively.


Antifreeze is a liquid substance composed of several chemicals. This liquid comes in different colors such as yellow, orange, green and maybe some other too. The basic component of the antifreeze liquid is ethylene glycol or the propylene glycol. This antifreeze is used to lower down the freezing points of several liquids. It hinders the liquid substances to occupy the solid-state of being frozen. It is mostly used in the engines of automobiles to keep them working by not letting them head towards the freezing state.

Antifreeze as a rat killing poison:

As mentioned earlier, antifreeze contains ethylene glycol in it. This ethylene glycol is a poisonous substance. Along with being utilized in the automobile engines to keep them working, this chemical could also be used as a rat poison to get rid of them. This poisonous liquid when enter in the mice or rats' body, causes severe damage by the reaction between ethylene glycol of antifreeze and several acids in rats' stomachs.

How to use antifreeze as a rat killing poison?

To utilize this antifreeze as a rat poison, all you have to do is mix any antifreeze, I've mentioned any because this antifreeze comes in a wide range of different companies, you can take any of it.
Mix this antifreeze in water or you may also use it without the combination of water. Place it in a bowl or in any mouse trap bought from the market or any other product that you want to use as a mousetrap. When placed in a mousetrap, the sweet fragrance of this antifreeze will attract the rat towards it, the rat will drink this mixture because of its attracting sweet smell and this antifreeze, after entering the rats' body will cause poisonous reactions and kick the rat to death within one to three days. This antifreeze could also be used by soaking several rat attracting foods in it to kill the rats.


Antifreeze could be a very effective rat killing poison. But as it is highly toxic, the following of precautionary measures should be ensured while using it. It should be kept away from the reach of children or any pets you have because once it gets drunk by anyone, it could start its destruction within a very short period and gets very difficult to be treated.

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