How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers on Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is very expensive these days and its maintenance can cost even thousands of dollars overall. A woodpecker despite being a bird which gets rid of parasites on the trees, can prove to be a damaging pest once it sets its eyes on your cedar siding. Not only constant pecking sound it makes may be a nuisance but also the nesting holes it chisels within the wood siding are the worst.

Effective ways:

Most of the ways we recommend will be used to repel them.

Visual deterrents:

This method is affordable and effective because woodpeckers are frightened by anything that is mobile or reflective. These include bird repellent disc (which are shiny discs, most recommended and even look decorative), maylar flash/reflective tape and scare-eye balloons. You can hang any of these three items and their swinging because of wind will spook the woodpeckers.

Sonic Deterrents:

Loud sounds or noise petrifies woodpeckers. You can use a programmable sonic device such as electronic bird repellent which emits distress calls and woodpecker predators’ sounds to scare them away. Such devices can cover an area of 1 to 6 acre. Another sonic deterrent is a movement sensor which makes sound or even throw water when the bird when a bird goes close to it.

Physical Barriers:

These barriers are used when visual and sonic deterrents don’t seem to be working.


You can use bird repellent net used on fruit trees by suspending it from overhanging eaves to the siding in such a way that the net is 2-3 inches away from the building. The net will keep woodpeckers from accessing to cedar siding.

Woodpeckers Spikes:

Woodpecker spikes are very helpful in deterring these birds from settling on your cedar siding. Install them where they are causing damage and it will make them fly somewhere else.


A woodpecker may be probing your cedar siding for insects. Suet feeders are best in this regard as Suet cakes are favorite food of woodpeckers and it attracts the woodpecker. Use a feeder with trellis because it will help out the woodpecker to clasp it with its talon. Be careful as this might grab attention of more woodpeckers.


If the woodpecker is chiseling a nest hole in your siding, it may be looking for shelter. Hang a birdhouse high on a pole or tree away from your house and close to the suet cake feeder. In this way, this bird will take a residence in this small house and leave your siding.

Chemical Barrier:

You can use sticky chemical repellents available in market to make the cedar siding undesirable for the woodpeckers. But first check it by applying it to on a small area to avoid harming the wood surface.

Final thoughts:

The methods I explained should work for you. Woodpeckers might be probing for insects in your siding or pecking nesting holes or drumming to stake out their territory and find mates. It would be better if you get your house checked for insects by professional pest inspectors.

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